The Day After

Good evening everyone,

Well pork shoulders turned out great everyone enjoyed the food and the smoker show. But the guest of honor had a wonderful time just can believe our little girl is 30 years old. Time goes so fast, it also took a big turn for my wife and I. Seems somewhere our bodies can’t take the 2 days of getting the house and the yard and everything together for a party any more. Didn’t tell us till this morning, still looking for the truck that ran my ass over. My god got out of bed and hurt from my hips to my toes. Thank god for Advil I would kiss the mans ass  who came up with it. But it was great getting my smoker going again and smelling up everyones back yards. Think I’ll have to stick with it this time, I’ve missed smoking food alot. Well hope everyone had a great weekend.

To all of my followers and to the people who stop by to check my blog, I’d like to say many thanks for taking the time to stop at my blog and read my jabber. This is just a simple wordpress blog free and my first time at doing anything like this. It will some day have the books I’ve writen and more, but for now its about me and a little bit about my books. Hope you all will stick around and grow with me and my blog. Again thanks to each one of you.




Smoking Sunday

Good morning everyone,

I know its been a while since my last post, sorry for that. My daughters turner 30 monday so were giving her  a grille out party. My job is grilling hot dogs and hamburger but my most important job is smoking 2 beautiful pork shoulders. I love smoking pork, Shoulders, baby back ribs, or a brisket, not pork but so much fun to smoke. Most people hate to smoke food because it takes so long. Hell thats half the fun camping out in your yard smoke puffing away smelling of your favorite smoke with drink in your hand. Makes grilling hot dogs and hamburgers boring.  2 hours in and the shoulders our smell great, rubbed them down with my own rub. Also have my own home made Bar-B-Q sauce. Looking forward to everyones smiling faces as they dig in.


A little about my book, writing is done needs editing and maybe some changes but such be coming out soon. I will let you know as we progess along. I will also  be putting some teasers out from the book in the weeks to come. So check back for the.




Labor day weekend

Happy Labor day weekend

Hope everyone is enjoy their weekend so far. A little over cast and raining off and on here, but any day off is better than working a day job. I rather be doing my side job any way writing erotic stories seeing how hot and turn on I can get readers. I believe being able to write a story rather erotica or any type where the person reading it can relate to the story or feel there part of it is a writers biggest achievement. My goal in writing is that and to hopefully leave my readers excited, maybe turned on and always entertained and wanting more. I’m still learning how to take from my brain my twisted sexual desires and fantaies and express them to my readers. It may sound easy and to some writers it maybe but for someone like myself who is his biggest critic it can be nerver racking. I’ve put out two e-books on smashword the first one free, have had to date about 1200, (I’m going with sold) the second at .99 cents one sold. The second has been out since June and only one sold so I’m rewriting it. I believe I rushed it out and didn’t hit the mark I was aiming for. So hopefully the rewrite will hit that mark, only time will tell. I’m also taking my time making making sure that what I’m trying to express from my brain is what I writing . My brain seems to race sometime and when I’m writing it will take off and be way ahead of where it should be at that time. It’s even worse with me writing erotica, I start out ok but when I start into a sex scene my brain begins to accelerate. The hotter the scene gets the faster my brain works. Sometimes my brain is going so fast I’m writing one thing and mixing in another that hasn’t happen yet, because my brain is that far ahead racing. It a pain in the ass.

So I reread alot,and have my wife reread also. I’m just hoping my stories will fine people who enjoy them and will come back for more. It’s along road I know and everyone has to walk it. Hopefully some readers would like to walk along with me, I promise it willn’t be boring, you may even fine it  fun and hopefully exciting. If you haven’t check out my e-books please do you will fine them on the link below just click and you will be beamed right there. HA! HA!

Well this has been different post on my blog just something I’ve had on my mind. I told you I have a twist brain it just keeps on racing long. Enjoy your weekend everyone.




Wine fest

Good morning everyone,

Another great time at the wine fest is year, with some add stuff to make it more interesting. Arrived about 2pm after parking and getting the girls together its was about 2:15pm. Ok everyone to the wine tent. My wife and I had hit about 4 wine stands trying different wines they had to offer. You only got about 1 oz at a time. So I grabbed a table in the middle and was doing some people watching. Had been there maybe 15 mins when man a liitle younger then me asked if his wife could sit down in my extra chair. Looking at her I told him yes. She was very red face and just about to pass out. She was sitting only about a minute when she began to throw up. Now I use to be in the EMS system, but that was twenty years ago. As soon as that smell hit my nose my stomach started to roll. My wife had just walked back to the table with 4 bottles of wine and seen what was going on. She looked at me saw my face and went to one of the wine stands. Returned with a wet towel and had told the people at the stand to call the medics. With the wet towel the lady was starting to come around but the medics still took her to a cool zone to check her out. So proud of my wife for her quick thinking and fast acting.

Now with our moment of excitement over we returned to drinking. Our girls had done one whole side of the tent trying every wine each stand had. They were feeling pretty good when they hit the table. Thank god the lady was gone or they would have to change the name to another kind of fest. So we move out side in the nice wind to help cool off and the girls see that there giving river curise’s. So they walked on over and paid and climb on board with 70 other people to curise the river. As their waiting for everyone to board, our friends call there over close to the stage. So we walk over and there 2 girls and there 2 year old g-daughter with one of there friends is lost trying to get to wine fest. Now all of these young ladies our in there twenties from early to late twenties.  So there father try’s to get them turned around going back in direction they should go. Hopefuly they are and we’ll see them soon. Now our girl and her 2 friends are out enjoying a nice relaxing ride on the river. We think. We had just finished eating and my wifes phone goes off. It’s our daughter texting us the boat is broken down and there trying to beach it. As she is texting our daughter back I see the fire water rescue truck with there boat trailing behind them pull up and a fire truck. Now water rescue boats are only about 14 ft long and can only handle 5 people maybe 6 at the most. There are 70 people on the boat thats broken this is going to take some time.

So as the rescue boat speeds down river our daughter texts back they can only take 2 people at a time in the rescue boat. Holy shit this is going to take hours. So where we were sitting was just about 50 yards from the boat landing, so we could see everything going on. It was about half an hour and still no one had returned in the rescue boat. Another half an hour goes by now were kind of whats going on. Then just as our friends girls arrive all pissed off and hot not 10 minutes later our girls arrive pissed off and hot and dusty. Seem the fire dept. hooked up some rope to some ATV’s and everyone held on to the rope and climbed up the hill. Then everyone was put on trolleys and returned to the wine fest. What fun for only 12 dollars, they had a river curise a water rescue a little bit of up hill rope climbing and a trolley ride. Damn you could ask for more now a days. But everyone was ok no one was in any real danger. The boat crew did a great job getting the boat out of the middle of the river and to shore before she completely quit. The fire crews also did and great job thinking to unload on the shore, it would have been more dangerous if they tryed to go with the rescue boat. Alot of people don’t do good with balance on water and stepping from one boat to another is shaky on a good day for some add this and your talking accident waiting to happen. So hats off to all the crews who were involved by family is very greatfull to all of you.

So after all that we still had a great time and look forward to next year and what ever adventures come our way.


Wine time Saturday

Well happy saturday to everyone,

Me and my sexy wife will be heading to a wine fest is hot saturday. Looking forword to this our daughter and her friends are coming a long and some of our friends will be meeting us there. Wine tasting and family and friends sounds like a good time all around. There may be a story in there some where. Everyone have a wonderful day and stay safe.



Sunday morning

Good morning to everyone,

Hope your Saturday was a good one. My Saturday was great was able to just about finish chapter two of my rewrite. Did some shopping with my wife and mother and had a late lunch at Willy’s on the lake. It was nice to be able to enjoy being outside dinning and not sweating all over the food. This morning was just as nice was able to spend time on our deck with our bulldog going over my tweets. Love the mornings out on the deck with her its so peacefull watching the sunrise and animals playing in our yard.

Well as I wrote earlier the second chapter is coming close to be done. I’m looking forward to posting it on to see how every one likes it. Right now along with finishing chapter two, I’m trying to work on chatper three on which director to go. Well time to get back to writing. Everyone have a great day.




Sun Sunday

What a beautiful weekend wish it was like this all summer. Me and the wife did a little shooting Saturday at her fathers farm. I love turning lose with my AR-15. Had targets all over the range we have there, hand gun, rim rilfe and center fire rifle. Had brass shells flying everywhere, man what a great stress relief that is for us. New motto for me: Hot Woman, Hot Guns and Great Sex. I like that motto maybe a story in there sometime.

Speaking of story rewrite chapter 2 is about half finished. Was working on it Saturday before shooting the shit out of stuff. Still coming along nicly, taking my time with this one. I want it hot, sweatie, and juicie!

Been seeing people stopping my the site, please leave a comment or a like, would love to hear from all of you.